No.35: The Story


During the difficult times of lockdown in spring 2020, a group of colleagues and friends, who had met and bonded in previous hospitality businesses, made a life-changing decision; to start up their own independent cafe-restaurant in the heart of Canterbury.


Throughout the following summer they shaped their ideas and built a shared vision.


Their mix of talents and backgrounds, the strong relationships they have forged, their passion for superb food and exceptional customer service, offers something unique to the industry, and unique to Canterbury in particular.


They found the perfect venue in St Margaret’s Street, a location steeped in history, however the building needed to be totally refurbished, and presented the team with many obstacles. 


Though they are not a family, the team feels like a family. Despite the challenges, not least the global pandemic, this family pulled together – redecorating the restaurant themselves where possible, creating their own menus, sourcing the very best food and drink, and loved every minute of it! The team’s hopes and dreams became a reality and in November 2020 they opened No.35 - a business to be truly proud of.


The team would love you to be part of their special story.


Do visit and you will be warmly welcomed into the No.35 family.